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General Dentistry Franklin, MI

General dentistry helps maintain good oral health. A general dentist helps identify, diagnose, and treat dental problems. Regular dental visits, preventative treatments, and family dental care are a part of general dentistry. Our general dental services keep patients healthy in our Franklin, MI office for years, no matter their age group.

Dr. Jomana Shayota offers general dentistry for patients at Dental House and Aesthetics to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Her patient-friendly office creates a space where patients can comfortably receive preventative treatment. Receiving general dental care can prevent future dental problems. 

general dentistry in Franklin, MI

Why is Preventative Dentistry Essential?

General dentistry is a part of preventative care. Preventative dentistry helps prevent dental problems from becoming more complex. With preventive care, we help stop minor dental problems from worsening over time and requiring more extensive treatment. 

Routine dental cleanings and exams are a part of standard, preventative dental care. During regular dental visits, we provide thorough cleanings that remove bacterial buildup from the mouth. Our dental hygienists remove food debris and bacterial buildup from teeth and gums.

After dental cleanings, fluoride treatments and sealants help fight cavities and keep teeth strong. We also examine the teeth, gums, and jaw to discover emerging dental problems and plan treatment. Regular dental care can stop common dental issues like gum disease and cavities. These common but highly damaging problems can permanently injure the teeth and gums.

In addition to regular visits, general dental care can prevent dental injuries and infections. Our available dentistry treatments can also prevent dental problems from happening in the first place.

General Dentistry in Franklin, MI

Our general dental treatments are the building blocks of a healthy smile. Our available dental services include: 

Custom Mouthguard

We can create custom night guards and sports mouthguards. Night guards help patients with problems like teeth clenching and grinding, chronic headaches, and tooth pain. These problems are often symptoms of TMD.

Wearing a custom sports mouthguard prevents tooth damage from hits during contact sports. Hits to the mouth can break braces, knock out permanent teeth, and crack teeth. 

Emergency Dentistry

Did you lose a permanent tooth? Do you have severe tooth pain? Contact our office for emergency dental care. We will provide prompt dental care if you have a sudden or severe dental problem. Receiving emergency care is essential to prevent increased dental issues and more complex dental treatment down the line.

Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers are valuable dental tools we use to treat the gums and soft mouth tissue. Lasers can treat tongue-tie, lip-tie, gummy smiles, and infected gum tissue. Dental lasers use light and heat to target specific tissues without affecting surrounding or healthy tissue. Treatments that use lasers help patients with dental fear or anxiety because they are comfortable and painless. 

Family Dentistry

Our family-friendly dental office is a space where patients of all ages can get dental care tailored to their needs. Our office can care for every family member. We provide a variety of family-friendly treatments, from dental sealants to Invisalign for teens.

Caring for your smile as you age can prevent future dental health complications and help maintain oral health. Dental care for seniors can help prevent problems like gum disease, cavities, and missing teeth.

Tooth Extraction

We perform dental extractions for patients with severely infected, impacted, or overcrowded teeth. Removing one or more problem teeth can prevent the spread of infection or damage to other teeth. We also offer wisdom tooth extractions, a standard extraction among many patients. Removing wisdom teeth can prevent overcrowding and impacted teeth.

Restorative care is a part of some tooth extractions. After we remove severely damaged or decayed teeth, we can provide dental implants to restore the teeth at the root.

General Dentistry FAQs

Learn more about general dental treatments with answers to these commonly asked questions from our patients:

Are dental extractions painful?

We ensure that patients feel as comfortable as possible during dental extractions. We will use an anesthetic to numb the treated area and ensure patients do not feel any pain. Sedation may be a requirement for wisdom tooth extractions. We can recommend dental sedation for complex extractions or extractions that remove teeth at the gum line.

You will not feel any pain during the dental extraction. However, you can take pain medication once the aesthetic or sedation wears off. You may also use a cold compress to reduce inflammation. 

What happens during a root canal?

A root canal treats an infected tooth. This therapy saves teeth after an infection reaches the dental pulp within the tooth. The pulp comprises cells, nerves, and tissue that keep teeth alive. Once the pulp is infected, we must remove it to preserve the tooth.

After we remove the pulp, we clean the tooth chamber. Then, we provide a dental filling. Often, we will cover fillings with a dental crown for added strength.

What are the benefits of dental lasers?

Dental lasers are quiet and painless. Patients also have faster healing times with lasers and minimal post-treatment bleeding than with traditional surgical tools. Lasers are a more comfortable alternative to conventional oral surgery. Dental lasers use targeted beams of light and heat to treat the soft tissues without affecting the surrounding tissue. 

When should my child get dental sealants?

Your child should receive their first dental sealants after their molars emerge. The first molars grow between the ages of five and seven. Then, we will provide dental sealants again once their second molars erupt. The final molars grow at around age eleven to fourteen. Dental sealants will help prevent cavities in the molars or the back teeth.

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