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Emergency Dentist Franklin, MI

Call Dental House and Aesthetics at (248) 963-7925 in the event of a dental emergency. 

Dr. Jomana Shayota helps patients with sudden or severe dental problems who need immediate treatment. Emergency dental care is a part of general dentistry in that emergency care can prevent the need for future complicated or lengthy care.

Dr. Shayota is your local emergency dentist in Franklin, MI. Contact our dental office as soon as possible if you have a dental emergency to stop oral health problems at their source. 

Emergency Dentist in Franklin, MI

Emergency Dentist in Franklin, MI

Do you need prompt dental care? Our emergency dental services can address a variety of problems, including: 

Lost Permanent Tooth

Have you just knocked out a permanent tooth? Don’t panic; hold the tooth by its top or crown if you can locate it. Avoid touching the tooth roots. Instead, rinse the tooth in water. Contact our office if you cannot place the tooth back in your mouth. Place the tooth in a cup of saliva to transport to our office. We recommend a single dental implant if we cannot reattach the tooth. Dental implants restore teeth at the root and blend in with other natural teeth with tooth-colored crowns.  


Contact our office if you have a toothache or tooth pain. At home, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever and apply a cold compress on the outside of your mouth. Tooth pain has many possible causes, from a dental injury to a cavity. We will work with you to find the proper treatment for your pain. Contact a doctor if you develop a fever, have difficulty swallowing, or experience difficulty breathing.

Broken Tooth

Tooth chips, cracks, and fractures are not solely cosmetic problems. Damaged teeth can create pain when biting and chewing or difficulty speaking if multiple teeth are damaged. We can recommend tooth bonding, dental crowns, or porcelain veneers that can treat small breaks to large tooth fractures. 

Lost or Broken Restoration

Contact our office if you have lost or broken a dental crown, dental bridge, or denture. Do not try to place the restoration back in your mouth. Instead, call our office, and we will provide you with a temporary restoration. We will work with you to create a new restoration. 

Bleeding Gums

Typically, bleeding gums are not an emergency. Your gums can bleed if you don’t floss enough, and beginning to floss before you brush will stop bleeding gums, which are common signs of gum inflammation.

However, contact our office if you continue to bleed after oral surgery, such as after a tooth extraction treatment. You should stop bleeding at the extraction site after about four hours. If bleeding persists, contact our office, and we can help. 

Contact Your Emergency Dentist in Frankin, MI 

Call (248) 963-7925 for emergency dental treatment. If you do not have an emergency but require dental care, schedule a dental appointment with us on our website. Contact a hospital first if you have physical injuries or a medical problem. We can provide emergency care once you’re healthy.