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Laser Dentistry Franklin, MI

Did you know that lasers are used in dentistry? At Dental House and Aesthetics, Dr. Jomana Shayota utilizes laser dentistry to treat tongue-tie, lip-tie, and gum disease. Dental lasers are great alternatives to oral surgery, which uses loud and invasive tools like dental drills.

This general dental treatment also benefits patients who fear pain or loud instruments during dental treatment because lasers are quiet and painless. Dr. Shayota ensures that laser dentistry in her Franklin, MI, dental office is comfortable for patients of all ages.

Laser Dentistry in Franklin, MI

The Benefits of Dental Lasers

A dental laser is a small, handheld device that allows us to target and treat specific areas of the smile. For example, with lasers, we can provide the following:

  • Painless care: Dental lasers are not painful; patients should not feel anything during laser treatment. 
  • Precise treatment: The small laser tip helps us treat tissue without affecting surrounding teeth or healthy tissue that does not require treatment. 
  • Anxiety relief: Patients with dental fear or anxiety benefit from lasers because they are quiet and painless.
  • Quick healing: Lasers provide faster recovery and minimal bleeding, unlike other oral surgical methods.

Laser Dentistry in Franklin, MI

Dental lasers can treat hard or soft tissue. Our soft tissue lasers use light and heat energy to cut tissue in the mouth. We can quickly and painlessly cut, contour, or remove tissue with handheld dental lasers.

We can perform frenectomies and gingivectomies with soft tissue lasers. A frenectomy addresses tongue and lip tie. Tongue-tie occurs when a band of tissue, called the lingual frenulum, attaches the bottom of the tongue’s tip to the bottom of the mouth.

Lip-tie occurs when the lip is attached to the gums. Tongue and lip-tie restrict movement and can cause nursing and speech development problems in young children. Gently cutting the restrictive band of tissue frees the tongue or lips and prevents issues for children as they grow older. 

A gingivectomy contours the gum tissue and removes infected tissue from the mouth. Patients with a gummy smile can show more of their teeth with a gingivectomy. Additionally, we can remove infected tissue for patients with gum disease using a dental laser. The laser targets and removes infected tissue while keeping healthy tissue intact.

Receive Comfortable Care

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