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Tooth Extraction Franklin, MI

Are your wisdom teeth coming in? Do you have a severe toothache? You may need a dental extraction. We offer tooth extraction treatment in Franklin, MI, for patients with tooth infections, impacted teeth, or overcrowding. Extractions are preventative dental treatments that can remove problem teeth, decreasing the spread of infection and preventing further tooth damage.

Dr. Jomana Shayota thoroughly examines the smile and takes dental X-rays to ensure that patients require extraction over other treatments, including a root canal. She takes a comprehensive approach to extractions so patients can maintain their oral health and the comfort of their smiles.  Additionally, Dr. Shayota provides general dentistry treatments for new and existing patients in Franklin.

Dental extraction in Franklin, MI

Tooth Extraction Treatment in Franklin, MI

Extractions are classified as simple or complex. Simple tooth extractions remove teeth above the gum line. We typically use local anesthetics for simple extractions because they offer quick treatment.

Alternatively, complex tooth extractions remove teeth at or below the gum line. Because these extractions require more time, we will use dental sedation so patients feel comfortable and relaxed. 

We will place gauze at the extraction site or sites after a dental extraction. Keeping gauze at the extraction site can create a blood clot. Dislodged blood clots increase the risk of dry sockets.

Dry sockets expose the nerves and bone and cause severe pain. We will also recommend that patients use ice packs to reduce swelling and take pain medication as their tooth socket heals.

Our office will work with a local oral surgeon for implant restorations if the patient needs to replace their extracted teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth are the final permanent teeth that emerge in the back of the mouth behind the molars. Many patients may need their wisdom teeth removed to prevent problems like tooth damage or overcrowding. If the wisdom teeth are impacted, it means that they do not have enough room to emerge properly.

Impacted wisdom teeth can dig into adjacent teeth and cause overcrowding. We will keep track of the wisdom teeth at regular dental appointments. If you notice wisdom teeth emerging behind your molars, contact our office and we will take x-rays and schedule your extraction.

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