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Dental Implants Franklin, MI

Dental implants are prosthetic teeth that replace one or more missing teeth at the root. A single implant consists of a titanium post implanted into the jaw bone, an attaching abutment, and a custom dental crown. Multiple dental implants can support bridges and dentures, replacing rows of missing teeth. Dr. Jomana Shayota works with local oral surgeons and laboratories to provide dental implants in Franklin, MI.

Tooth implants are one of the dental restorations we provide for patients with lost teeth. Replacing permanent missing teeth with dental implants can improve the function and appearance of your teeth and gums.

Implant Treatment in Franklin, MI

The Benefits of Dental Implants in Franklin, MI

There are many advantages to implants and implant-supported dental restorations. Dental implants provide:

  • Strength and longevity: Implants last longer than other restorations because the implant posts fuse with the jaw bone. Dental implants become a part of the smile once fully healed, as they act like a replacement tooth root. Because of this, dental implants are permanent. Implant restorations will not slip around the mouth, so you will not have to worry about speech or eating problems. 
  • No dietary restrictions: Implant-supported restorations make it much easier for patients to clean their smiles. After you receive implants, you are not restricted against hard, chewy, or crunchy foods because they have a stable bite.
  • Natural-looking results: Implants secure dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures. We color-match these restorations to natural teeth. Restorations are also made of materials that reflect natural light, like tooth enamel.
  • A younger look: Dental implants and implant restorations can also combat problems like facial sagging, which greatly affects the jaw structure. Facial sagging is a sign of bone loss in the jaw. Because dental implants act as tooth roots and utilize the jaw bone, they can help lift the face and support prosthetic teeth.
  • Simple care: You do not need to rebase or reline restorations once you receive implants. Dental implants also do not require special care because they fix restorations in place.

Contact us if you have an old denture or dental bridge and want a longer-lasting treatment. We recommend implants if you have just lost one or more teeth and need a dental prosthetic. Implants can make a difference in your smile.

Implant Restorations

Our dental office recommends dental implants whether you have a lost tooth or all your teeth are missing:

  • Single Missing Tooth: A dental bridge is the traditional option for one or more consecutive missing teeth. However, bridges need to prepare natural teeth for dental crowns. This preparation is unneeded if you have healthy remaining teeth. If you have one lost permanent tooth, we will recommend a single dental implant.
  • Multiple Missing Teeth: An implant-supported bridge can use implants to anchor false teeth instead of dental crown-capped teeth. One or multiple implants can secure a bridge depending on your number of missing teeth. 
  • Full Arches of Missing Teeth: As few as four dental implants can secure an entire arch of lost teeth. This restoration is known as All-on-Four. The average number of implants required to secure an upper or lower denture is four to eight.

Treatment with Dental Implants in Franklin, MI

Before implant treatment, Dr. Shayota will thoroughly examine the smile to ensure you are a good candidate for treatment. If there are problems like insufficient jaw bone or gum disease, she will recommend treatment before receiving implants. Pretreatments can include bone grafting, gum therapy, and dental cavity treatment. 

Bone loss is a common problem among patients with missing teeth, especially if they have had missing teeth for months or years. During implant treatment, the implant post uses the jaw bone for support. This means we must ensure you have enough jaw bone before implant treatment. Grafting will add healthy jaw bone where needed.

We will improve your dental health before implant treatment if you have missing teeth due to gum or tooth infection. Infection will impact the stability and longevity of your implants. 

To begin implant treatment, Dr. Shayota will take dental impressions of the teeth for the custom restoration. She sends these impressions to a dental lab. Then, she will provide tooth extraction treatment if needed. Once you are healed, Dr. Shayota will coordinate care with a local oral surgeon who can place the dental implants.

The surgeon will numb your mouth to ensure comfort when placing the implants. Then, they will place the metal implant anchors. Once the implants are in the jaw bone, they will take three to six months to heal. During the healing process, the implants will fully fuse with the jaw bone to become a part of the smile. 

You will return to receive your abutments, which are the pieces that connect the implants to your restoration. Abutments require more time to heal. Finally, Dr. Shayota will place the permanent restoration once you are fully healed. 

How to Care for Dental Implants

We recommend that you avoid using tobacco products during implant treatment. The nicotine in tobacco can restrict the blood vessels, meaning there is not enough blood flow to the gum and bone tissues as the implants heal. As a result, the implants can fail to fuse with the jaw bone. Tobacco can also increase the risk of dry mouth. This problem creates a dry environment in the mouth, which attracts harmful, decay-causing bacteria. 

Peri-implantitis is an infection that affects dental implants. Infection and the implant site inflame the gum tissue and deteriorate the jaw bone tissue. Poor oral hygiene can lead to infection and implant failure.

Properly caring for dental implants will ensure that implant-supported restorations last. You can brush and floss your implant restoration like your natural teeth. Many patients find it easier to floss using a water flosser. However, we can teach you how to floss between your false teeth with threaded floss. 

We also recommend that you continue to visit our office after you receive your implant restoration. During regular visits, we will ensure your implants and restoration are intact. We will also thoroughly clean your teeth, gums, and restoration. If you break your restoration, please get in touch with our office for immediate treatment. We will repair or replace your restoration.

Restore Your Smile

Are you interested in dental implant treatment? Call Dr. Shayota for restorative care today at (248) 963-7925. You can also schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Shayota on our website. Please let Dr. Shayota know if you have any questions. She will help you find the best implant restoration for your needs.