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Family Dentistry Franklin, MI

Do you need a dentist that can see your whole family? Dental House and Aesthetics provides family dentistry services. Family dentistry is a part of preventative or general dental care; visiting the dentist at any age can help keep your oral health in check.

We offer treatments for common problems, from cavities to crooked teeth, for each age group. Dr. Jomana Shayota takes each patient’s needs into account before their treatment. She provides family dentistry services in Franklin, MI, for children, teenagers, and adults. 

Family Dentistry in Franklin, MI

Oral Health and Child Development

Dental health has more of an effect on child development than many people realize. One of the most common dental problems among children is cavities. Dental cavities are holes or pits in the tooth enamel caused by harmful bacteria. A poor oral hygiene routine and a diet high in sugars and starches can increase a patient’s likelihood of getting a cavity. Dental cavities are linked to problems eating and speaking. 

In our office, we can provide fluoride treatment and sealants to prevent cavities. Fluoride is a natural mineral that prevents demineralization. Remineralizing the tooth enamel, or the outer layer of the tooth, can prevent harmful bacteria from breaking down the tooth. Dental sealants are thin coatings we place on the back molars to prevent harmful bacteria from affecting teeth after a routine dental cleaning.

Invisalign for Teens

Teens are good candidates for Invisalign treatment, which provides a more discreet orthodontic treatment over traditional metal braces. If teenagers are in good oral health but want to address crooked teeth without bright elastics or metal brackets and wires, we will recommend Invisalign. Invisalign for teenagers differs from Invisalign for adults in multiple ways. 

Teen Invisalign provides:

  • More replacement aligners (typically six sets)
  • Eruption tabs for baby teeth
  • Compliance indicators

Invisalign allows more wiggle room for teenagers if they lose their aligners. The Invisalign compliance indicators are small blue dots that fade as patients wear their aligners, which motivates teens to keep wearing their aligners throughout the day. Additionally, if patients still have to lose their baby teeth, there are tabs that hold space for permanent teeth. 

Aging and Oral Health: Family Dentistry in Franklin, MI

As you age, you can encounter dental problems you haven’t faced before. Dental injuries, tooth discoloration, and even tooth sensitivity can be commonplace. It’s important that you continue to care for your smile to prevent further complications from these common problems. 

Porcelain veneers, dental bonding, and teeth whitening treatments are common services that patients can look into as they grow older. Veneers and dental bonding treatments are similar in that they can address deep tooth stains or dental injuries. Sensational Smiles is a great take-home whitening option for patients with sensitive teeth.

Tooth sensitivity is common as we age, as the enamel wears down over time. Addressing discolored teeth with Sensational Smiles brightens teeth by multiple shades and combats sensitivity, which is a common problem associated with professional teeth whitening.

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