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How Can Dental Lasers Benefit Me?

Dental lasers are modern dental tools that dentists use for a variety of treatments. Lasers use light and heat to cut or contour tissue gently. While some lasers treat the teeth or bone, we use lasers to treat the gum tissue and other mouth tissues.

We treat tongue-tie, lip-tie, gum disease, and gummy smiles using dental lasers. Lasers are a part of the general dentistry treatments we offer in our Franklin, MI, dental office. Like other general treatments, lasers can address the emergence of dental problems to prevent future complications.

How Can Dental Lasers Benefit Me?

What Are the Benefits of Dental Lasers?

Laser treatment offers many benefits for patients, including: 

Precise Treatment

Dental lasers are small, handheld tools that use a small cable to target bone or gum tissue without affecting the surrounding teeth or gums. We can control the laser beam’s wavelength or power level as needed. Traditional dental tools are not as targeted and can damage areas of the smile that do not require treatment.

Comfortable Care

Dental lasers can offer more comfortable care than traditional oral surgery. Lasers can eliminate the need for anesthesia. They also do not create trauma or damage the gum tissue.


Treatments with dental lasers are often shorter than treatment with traditional dental tools. We will not require sutures or anesthesia with laser treatments. Our team can efficiently but precisely treat the soft tissue in no time.

Quick Healing

Lasers differ from surgical treatments in that they promote fast healing. Dental lasers use high-energy beams that help blood coagulate so patients do not have to treat continual bleeding following their treatment. The gum tissue can also heal much faster because the dental laser essentially sutures the tissue.

Low Risk of Infection

Laser beams disinfect treated areas, so patients have a lower risk of experiencing an infection at the treatment site. Dental laser treatments can even eliminate bacteria in gum pockets that contribute to problems like gum disease. Patients do not need to worry about complications that infections create from more traditional surgical methods.

Anxiety Relief

Many patients who require gum care but don’t want painful treatment with sharp dental tools can relax during treatment, knowing that lasers are painless. Dental lasers are also noiseless; patients who dislike the noise of dental tools can receive quiet care with dental lasers.

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