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Are Dental Implants For Me?

If you are interested in dental implant treatment but want to know more before your treatment, we’re here to help. We provide dental implants for patients in our Franklin, MI office and will answer patients’ questions about restorative care. Implants may seem like a complicated process, but our team will be here every step of the way to clarify your questions and ensure your comfort during treatment. 

Are Dental Implants For Me?

FAQs: Dental Implants in Franklin, MI

Before implant treatment, many patients have these questions about their treatment: 

What do dental implants feel like?

Dental implants will have the pressure of natural teeth when biting and chewing. However, you will not feel any sensation because you no longer have nerves. Implants act like natural tooth roots without the same feeling or pressure as natural teeth.

Will dental implants last a lifetime?

The titanium anchors that stabilize restorations should last forever. While crowns, bridges, or dentures may require replacement over time, the titanium posts should be secure in the jaw bone.

Are dental implants painful?

We will numb your mouth when we place your implants. After the anesthetic wears off, you will feel discomfort. However, we will provide pain medication and recommend ice packs to reduce swelling. You will also eat a soft diet for the first days following surgery. Implant recovery is similar to other oral surgeries and extractions.

Will dental implants stop bone loss?

If you have bone loss due to missing teeth, we must provide you with bone grafting services before placing dental implants. Bone grafting places healthy jaw bone tissue in patients who have lost their natural bone due to tooth loss. Dental implants can prevent bone loss once fully healed, acting as a new tooth root.

Can you whiten dental implants?

No, you cannot whiten implants or the restorations that cover implants. Dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures will not react to the active ingredients in whitening treatments. These restorations are made of resins or porcelain that can make teeth look brighter but will not become brighter from whitening products.

Will dental implants lift my face?

Some patients may notice a change in their face shape after they receive dental implants. This is due to the bone loss caused by missing teeth. Patients who lose their natural jaw bone can experience facial sagging. Once patients receive implants and bone grafting services, they have more support in their facial structure. As a result, patients may notice a face “lift.”

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